Introducing Noise Invasion Promos, where we specialize in elevating your music in the Tech House, House, Deep House, Melodic House, Progressive House, Ethnic House and Afro House genres. Our team, comprised of genre-specific experts, is dedicated to precision promotion, crafting targeted campaigns that leverage playlists, social media, and industry connections to reach the right audience.

We take pride in being the most affordable promo service on the market, designed specifically to empower emerging artists in connecting with top-tier AAA DJs. With a global reach, we ensure your music resonates with fans worldwide, leading to increased streams and visibility.

Our results-driven approach is evidenced by success stories from satisfied artists who have witnessed the impact of our tailored promotion.

What sets us apart is our extensive network, including connections with Spotify playlist curators and leading music YouTube channels.

Submit your track today, ideally at least 4 weeks before your planned release date, to receive a personalized quote from us.

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